Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stay Safe When Roads Are Tricky

Winter is far from over, and whether you drive on the job, travel to see friends and family or drive to and from work, safety on the road is trickier on icy or slippery streets.  Avoid becoming another traffic statistic by following these basic winter driving tips:

  • Slow down.  Remember that you need more room to stop when roads are slick or visibility is poor.
  • Check your engine.  Make sure your battery is fully charged so it can start easily in cold weather.  Have us examine your ignition system, spark plugs, wiring, and other components.
  • Get plenty of rest.  Fatigue leads to accidents.  Get a full night's sleep before getting behind the wheel.
  • Watch your exhaust.  Don't warm up your car in a garage or other small, enclosed space.  The carbon monoxide buildup can be dangerous.
  • Limit cruise control.  Don't rely on cruise control when driving on slippery roads.  Be alert and ready to stop or change course in the event of anything unexpected.
  • Clean up.  Make sure your lights and windows are clean and clear so you can see everything on the road, especially at night.  Make sure your windshield wipers are in good condition.
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