Thursday, August 25, 2016


Now that the mornings are darker it is a good time to check the condition of your vehicle's headlights.

Headlights are an active safety item and are the first line of defense on a vehicle; if drivers cannot see objects on the road, they cannot react.  Drivers must be proactive about headlight maintenance.  Proper maintenance maximizes the amount drivers can see down the road and side road, which can mean additional reaction time, helping you to avoid hazards that can cause accidents.

Here is 3 of the best practices to follow when it comes to proper headlight maintenance:

1) Understand the choices in headlight performance levels.  There are a variety of choices available on the market to help suit individual needs.  Not sure of these choices?  Our licensed automotive technicians at your local Placerville repair shop, The Auto Analyst, can help you with these options.

2) Replace before burnout.  You don't want to be traveling down a dark road in Placerville and have one or both of your headlights burn out.  If you can't remember the last time your headlights were replaced call your one stop auto repair shop, The Auto Analyst, and they can perform this service for you.

3) Always replace in pairs.  It's very important to replace headlights in sets of two.  Since headlights dime over their lifetime, a new bulb paired with an old bulb will create an uneven field of vision, which can be a major distraction on the road for both drivers and oncoming traffic.

Give us a call today at (530) 621-4591 if you have any questions regarding your vehicle's headlight maintenance or visit our website at

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Have you noticed that your vehicle's engine is slow to crank on start up?  If so, remember there is usually not much of a window between the slow-crank symptom appears and when the battery dies.  Stop by your local Placerville auto repair shop, The Auto Analyst, today for testing.

The Summer heat causes the fluid in the battery to evaporate, which leads to internal damage.  A failing battery could be the issue if your interior and exterior lights, radio, or power windows and seats have started to behave erratically.  Also, a failing battery is usually the culprit when turning on one electrical component noticeably impacts the performance of another component, this could also signal the presence of dirty battery terminals.  It is extremely important that your vehicle's battery terminals are clean, since dirt is a conductor that can drain the battery power.

Call or stop by The Auto Analyst, your Placerville repair facility, to have your battery inspected.  Visit our website at  Telephone number is 530-621-4591.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


The Auto Analyst, your Placerville auto repair facility, recommends that your vehicle's brake fluid be flushed every 2 years. Brake fluid breaks down over a period of time.  Once the brake fluid breaks down, damage to the brake system can quickly occur.

A major enemy of brake fluid is moisture.  Once moisture enters the master brake cylinder reservoir, it begins to lower the boiling temperature.  Having a brake fluid with a high boiling temperature is necessary to withstand the heat that can be generated from heavy brake use.

Not sure when the brake fluid in your vehicle was flushed...have our licensed automotive technician at your Placerville auto repair facility inspect the condition.  Please give The Auto Analyst a call at 530-621-4591 or visit our website

Remember spending a little bit of money now on vehicle maintenance will save big down the line.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Your Vehicle's Oil - The When, Where and Why to Change It

Your local Placerville Auto Repair facility, The Auto Analyst, wants to educate you on the Why, When, and Where to change your vehicle's oil.

The Why - Motor oil lubricates the moving parts in your engine, preventing wear by keeping the engine clean, removing contaminants and regulating engine temperature to prevent overheating.  Expensive repairs, including engine failure, can be avoided by faithfully checking and changing your vehicle's oil.

The When - Your Placerville Auto Repair facility, The Auto Analyst, recommends changing the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

The Where - An oil change performed by a professional technician is a quick, low-cost vehicle service. When taking your car in for maintenance or repairs, be sure that the shop employs ASE-certified technicians. ASE certification means that the technicians and the repair facility take their training seriously and have passed tests to demonstrate their skills.

The Auto Analyst, your local Placerville Auto Repair facility, employs ASE certified technicians.  Please visit our website to schedule your maintenance appointment today.