Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Are You Aware?

If you car requires major engine work, it may be more economical to have your engine rebuilt rather than buying a different car.

Rebuilt Engines

When a car or truck suffers major engine damage, the first reaction of most vehicle owners is to buy a new or used car or truck.  This makes sense in some cases, but often, it isn't necessary.  Repowering your car or truck's worn out engine with a rebuilt/remanufactured engine can also be considerably less expensive than buying a new or used car.  A rebuilt engine is one that is remanufactured to prescribed standards and specifications by highly-skilled machinists using state-of-the-art equipment and components.  During this process, many of the new components installed meet or exceed original equipment performance standards. Frequently, rebuilt engines are superior to new car engines because better parts are used, or design changes in parts correct problems with the original engine.  Rebuilt/remanufactured engines are dependable, reliable and backed by warranty programs.

The savings from engine repowering is notable when compared to the prices of new cars and trucks.  A rebuilt/remanufactured engine purchased and installed at an average cost of $2,700 - $4,000 is a sound and attractive investment.

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