Friday, February 24, 2017

Shocks and Struts - What's in it for You

For the large amount of time that most Americans spend in their car, today's vehicles need to be both comfortable and safe.  That's where your shocks and struts come in.

Many drivers don't their of their shocks and struts when they think of vehicle safety.  Shocks and strus help keep your tires in constant contact with the road.  When shocks and struts wear, the tires will bounce more under acceleration.  This can create issues with handling, steering performance and stopping time.

Shocks and struts also absorb the force of the road for the rest of the vehicle.  When your shocks and struts are worn all the other suspensions components are left to pick up the slack causing premature wear.

Many manufacturers suggest having your shocks and struts replaced after 50,000 miles.  If you're approaching this service interval, or your vehicle is showing signs of wear, talk to the professionals at The Auto Analyst, your local Placerville one stop automotive repair shop.

Replacing your shocks and struts at appropriate intervals will help preserve the life of your suspension components, maintain your vehicle's performance and save you money in the long run.

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