Thursday, May 4, 2017

Are Your Brakes Trying to Tell You Something?

Look for the following warning signs that your brakes need to be inspected:

  • NOISE -  Screeching, grinding or clicking noises when applying the brakes.
  • PULLING -  Vehicle pulls to one side while braking.
  • LOW PEDAL - Brake pedal nearly touches the floor before engaging.
  • HARD PEDAL - Must apply extreme pressure to the pedal before brakes engage.
  • GRABBING - Brakes grab at the slightest touch to the pedal.
  • VIBRATION -  Brake pedal vibrates or pulses, even under normal braking conditions.
  • LIGHT - Brake light is illuminated on your vehicle's dashboard.
If you are experiencing any of the above please call The Auto Analyst, your Placerville one stop auto repair shop, today to schedule a brake inspection.  Or schedule online at

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