Wednesday, August 10, 2016


The Auto Analyst, your Placerville auto repair facility, recommends that your vehicle's brake fluid be flushed every 2 years. Brake fluid breaks down over a period of time.  Once the brake fluid breaks down, damage to the brake system can quickly occur.

A major enemy of brake fluid is moisture.  Once moisture enters the master brake cylinder reservoir, it begins to lower the boiling temperature.  Having a brake fluid with a high boiling temperature is necessary to withstand the heat that can be generated from heavy brake use.

Not sure when the brake fluid in your vehicle was flushed...have our licensed automotive technician at your Placerville auto repair facility inspect the condition.  Please give The Auto Analyst a call at 530-621-4591 or visit our website

Remember spending a little bit of money now on vehicle maintenance will save big down the line.

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