Thursday, August 18, 2016


Have you noticed that your vehicle's engine is slow to crank on start up?  If so, remember there is usually not much of a window between the slow-crank symptom appears and when the battery dies.  Stop by your local Placerville auto repair shop, The Auto Analyst, today for testing.

The Summer heat causes the fluid in the battery to evaporate, which leads to internal damage.  A failing battery could be the issue if your interior and exterior lights, radio, or power windows and seats have started to behave erratically.  Also, a failing battery is usually the culprit when turning on one electrical component noticeably impacts the performance of another component, this could also signal the presence of dirty battery terminals.  It is extremely important that your vehicle's battery terminals are clean, since dirt is a conductor that can drain the battery power.

Call or stop by The Auto Analyst, your Placerville repair facility, to have your battery inspected.  Visit our website at  Telephone number is 530-621-4591.

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